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About Larry Crost

Registered Art Therapist. Larry conducts inservices to train educational staff on innovative intervention methods through art, as well as provides outreach studio art workshops for students at risk within the Chicago Public School system. He worked as a studio art instructor and directed the undergraduate art therapy program of Chicago State University.

Author of ARTSCOPE, a compilation of techniques incorporating the use of ordinary materials and found objects turned into imaginative works of art, emphasizing environmental awareness and sharing of visual ideas between young and adult participants.

Actively exhibits his multi media art at the New Century Arts Galley in the Chelsea District of New York City. He was interviewed about his environmentally friendly art in NBC 5 in Chicago as well as ABC TV Newsreel in New York City. His works were also cited in the Smithsonian Associate Magazine, New York Daily News and New York Newsday.



ART COLONY is an intergenerational studio arts program for everyone who would like to experience the fun of creating original art beyond the here's how method.

We provide customized curricula and progressive hands on instructional methods that meet the expressive and adaptive needs of each participant. The innovative habitat for art workshops can offer students, youngsters and their families an opportunity to convert common materials, e.g., used furniture, into original decorative accessories of daily living. ART COLONY can offer the following motivational values:

  • Enhancement of emotional and sensory functions, to promote creative problem solving skills, in integrated learning.
  • Through artistic examination, the student can modify uncomfortable impulses into a socially congenial form of behavior to promote non-violence within the academic, family and community settings.
  • Each participant can discover that unconditional creativity in art making can broaden purposeful communication and self esteem within an emotionally supportive environment.

Working with the horses made of masking tape

Motivational Values

Provide a safe and emotionally supportive working atmosphere. To work cooperatively and respect the creative efforts of peers on an inclusive level.

Producing spontaneous art forms with sustainable materials to broaden environmental awareness impacting our families, schools and the community.

Mastery of creative problem solving skills to promote synthesized thinking and sensory functions in integrated learning for STEM and STEAM curriculum.

Inter-generational Totem Pole constructed by residence and families of the Arlington International race course


Program Founder

Larry Crost is a registered art therapist, and lecturer of Undergraduate Art Therapy at Chicago State University.

Mr. Crost studied at the California Institute of the Arts and received his B.F.A and M.F.A degrees at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

He has conducted clinical and educational workshops for Very Special Arts, The Graduate Art Therapy Program at George Washington University and the Resident Associate Program for the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C.

Founder of Arts for Community Service,Larry conducts adaptive sustainable art in services for teachers in the public school systems of New York and Chicago.

Larry's sustainable art workshops have also been conducted in prestigious organizations such as The Peggy Notrbaert Nature Museum, Solid waste Agency of Northern Cook County, Community Educational District 214 and The Resident Association Program of the Smithsonian institution.

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